Privacy Policy

NrityArpana (NSPA) is a non-profit arts organization that offers curriculum training in Bharathnatyam and Odissi and training in other forms of dance of interest to the Indian diaspora. All classes are taught by trained professionals who have a passion for their art form and share a vision for a multi-cultural center for the performing arts.

Waver Forms

NSPA Adult Waiver

NSPA Minor Waiver

  • All fees for both portals are through third party secure process.  We do not have access to any of your private information.
  • Private classes are payable per class or per item as decided by the teacher in-charge. The payment is not related to any group classes and is at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Any return fee, fines charged due to late payment or a bounced check/payment will be charged to the student. Payment in an alternate form is appreciated.
  • No cash transactions are accepted.
  • All payments will need the name of the student, month being paid for to ensure proper deposit.

Each person is responsible for their personal safety and safety of their belongings. NrityArpana and its teachers and staff are not liable for any injury or loss on premises or at any performance venue.

Make-Up Classes
  • Class cancelled under the following conditions will have a make-up class
  • Bad weather -where the Lakota School is closed due to unsafe driving conditions
  • Teacher initiated cancellation
  • If a student misses a class or a series of classes, they are expected to make up the material from the class videos or getting together with other students in the class prior to attending class.
  • Email and Contact Information: We request this information to share information of relevance to the dance school.  We do not share your information. Please note: We use whattsApp for primary form of communication.
  • Photography: We encourage parents to be sensitive and share photographs within closed groups.
  • Videography: In-class video is not meant to be shared publicly.This is a learning tool for the class.
  • Professional Photography and Videography: We have very talented photographers and videographers in our community. NSPA encourages parents to use their services at events.
  • NSPA reserves the right to use A/V, photographs and video related to its school activities for publicity, PR, promotions solely for the growth and development of the center.