Help Celebrate Indian Culture through Dance

Culture is dynamic, universal, and yet, unique!  Civilizations, as old as that of India, afford immense latitude for specialists like anthropologists and histographers as well for the common man to view culture from diverse perspectives. Culture can be a reflection of the surrounding nature, or a transcendental study of our presence in this universe or an expression of our common humanity, or whatever one fancies.

Indian culture is more than 5000 years old and has seen many migrations, invasions, victories and evolutions. The impact of Indian culture is seen in virtually all spheres of human development. We at NSPA humbly celebrate the vast plethora of Indian culture by studying it through the art of dance. 

Some of the benefits of dance in general include but are not limited to soft skills, motor skills, coordination, physical and mental well being, a vehicle for self expression. Specifically Indian classical dance is visual storytelling, with a strong emphasis on communication. At NSPA, our program has a strong focus on holistic training which includes master classes and/or workshops with master artists, and visiting artists from India. 

Black Box Project


For the last few years, Nrityarpana School of Performing Arts (NSPA) played very important role for TARANGiNi Natyasala dance programs. As most of you know, they offered their space for practicing and rehearsing our kids programs.

Their facility helped us to offer best possible dance practices with most economical prices for our kids.

They are looking for your help. They are actively seeking funds for a brand new state-of-the-art multi-cultural BlackBox Studio. The purpose of this BlackBox is to promote performing arts in our community, showcase and sustain our heritage.

Please donate generously.


Indian Rhythms


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