Keerthi Sekar

Dance is a beautiful journey of self discovery! Whether it be self-confidence, emotional intelligence, curiosity, Bharatanatyam is a great way to connect to the South Asian side of you and understand how beautiful and deep-rooted Indian culture is. Anupa Aunty does a great job giving a well-rounded education of understanding various pieces from Kauthvams to padams, varnams. I’m excited for you to join the Bharatanatyam community and learn the beautiful art form that has been preserved in a multitude ways for 2,000 years!

Currently, I am a student at the University of Cincinnati studying Computer Engineering, with a minor in Robotics and Automation. I have worked professionally as a software engineering co-op in the VR (virtual reality) field and will be co-oping in a role focused in the Space industry this upcoming Summer 2021. I am also part of a UC student organization called FlyUC where we aim to create an electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. I am very excited to see where my tech career leads, but I firmly believe that having multiple interests, paths is a way to cultivate all your skills. With this, my friend, Sneha Ameya, and I started our podcast Redefining ABCD that is available on all listening platforms where we discuss the beauty of our hyphenated identity and how we can cultivate ourselves by using it as a pillar of our identity. For my dance journey, I completed my Arangetram in 2018. As I kick-off my dance career with my arangetram, I try to stay connected to dance by teaching and choreographing pieces for NSPA students and cultivate projects for myself where I can push myself to continue learning dance from taking workshops in India to participating in various programs in my community. Dance is a creative tool for self-expression and I try to use it to express myself as a South Asian American.